Gwen Gardiner

Gwen is a fourth year graduate student working on the International Situations Project (ISP). Her research interests fit within the intersection of personality and cross-cultural psychology. She examines how personality, behaviors, values, and beliefs vary across cultures, and how these characteristics interact with the environment. She is also working with Kalina Michalska to study the development of personality traits.

Learn more about Gwen here: [link]


Daniel Lee

Daniel is a first year graduate student in the situations lab. His research interests span the broad domain of individual differences. This includes topics such as person situation transactions, linking situational characteristics to their physical attributes, and cross-cultural differences in situational experience. He is also working with William Dunlop, studying the interplay of an individual’s narratives and life outcomes. 



Kyle Sauerberger

Kyle is a sixth year graduate student working on the Situation Construal project. He is interested in the stability of behavior across time and contexts, and how situational and individual difference factors affect behavior. He also works with Dr. David Rosenbaum on the phenomenon of precrastination, or doing something early at the expense of extra effort (Rosenbaum, Gong, & Potts, 2014). Kyle is exploring precrastination as an individual difference in its own right, and its relationship to other personality variables.