Q-sort Decks

The three elements of the “personality triad” are the person, the situation, and behavior. The Riverside Accuracy Project uses Jack Block's personality Q-sort (adapted) to describe persons (the California Adult Q-sort or CAQ), the Riverside Behavioral Q-sort to describe behaviors, and the (new) Riverside Situational Q-sort to describe situations. To see the items of these instruments, follow the links below.

California Adult Q-sort (CAQ) Items - Bem & Funder, 1978

California Adult Q-sort (CAQ) Deck - Bem & Funder, 1978

California Adult Q-sort (CAQ) Items - Gardiner et al., 2019

California Adult Q-sort (CAQ) Deck - Gardiner et al., 2019

Riverside Behavioral Q-sort (RBQ) 3.11 Items

Riverside Behavioral Q-sort (RBQ) 3.11 Deck

Riverside Situational Q-sort (RSQ) 3.15 Items

Riverside Situational Q-sort (RSQ) 3.15 Deck